VictoryNet has partnered with a British charity specialising in neuroendocrine cancers called Net Patient Foundation (NPF), the only charity in the United Kingdom and Ireland that provides information and advice to those affected by neuroendocrine tumours.

NPF, which operates in a similar way to VictoryNet, informs and educates people affected by neuroendocrine cancer in the UK and Ireland and advocates for patients to benefit from the latest progress. NPF also provides community support to patients, their carers and families and raises funds for clinical and translational research.

NPF is headed by Catherine Bouvier, a nurse specialising in neuroendocrine tumours, who is remarkable not only for her commitment by also for her generosity. For seven years, she was responsible for the support, education and coordination of daily patient care at the Royal Free Hospital. Amongst other tasks, she now oversees the training of specialist NET nurses.

VictoryNet urges you to discover more about Catherine’s amazing work on the NPF website.

Catherine Bouvier

CEO NET Patient Foundation
June 2007 – Present

Catherine Bouvier started work as Neuroendocrine Nurse Specialist at the Royal Free
Hospital in London in 1999. She set up a frontline nursing service and coordinated the
day to day running of that service incorporating a caseload of around 700 patients. She
 remained there for 7 years developing strategies of care in this specialist area. She
co-founded the NET Patient Foundation, whilst working at the Royal Free and
then transferred the NET Patient Foundation, to take up a full time position for the charity.
The charity has a vision of a world in which people know how to recognise, diagnose, treat, care for, and ultimately, cure patients with neuroendocrine cancer.

 The Foundation has the following aims:

  • To provide support, education and information to anyone affected by neuroendocrine
  • To advocate for neuroendocrine cancer patients so they may achieve the best
 possible outcomes.
  • To encourage standardised care for all neuroendocrine cancer patients.
  • To provide community supportive care to patients and their carers or family
  • To raise awareness of neuroendocrine cancers throughout the UK.
  • To raise funds for clinical and translational research projects.