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Mona Hamilton, Victory NET Foundation: The Boot Camp gives a better understanding of the patient advocacy world – INCA – December 2020

Ron Hollander, INCA honorary member : I believe the time is ripe for us to work with all of the key stakeholders in NET research – INCA – December 2020

Mark McDonnell, Net Patient Network – Ireland : As patients, we need to work together to ensure our voices are heard and that we are involved and engaged in all stages of research – INCA – December 2020

Stephanie Alband, PheoPara Alliance: The INCA ALLIANCE Boot Camp provides us with practical tools to facilitate research in our patient community – INCA – October 2020

Michael Rosenberg, Founder, MENETS : 2020’s advocacy is becoming more a science and requires more than personal touch – INCA – October 2020

Mari Sandvold, CarciNor, Norway: What I really treasure is the opportunity to discuss with fellow NET-advocates around the world – INCA – October 2020

Evidence-based patient advocacy at the INCA Boot Camp – INCA – September 2020

Patient reported outcomes measurement discussed in the INCA Boot Camp – INCA – September 2020

Medical statistics explained in the INCA Boot Camp August session – INCA – August 2020

INCA Boot Camp for research Advocates – July Session – INCA – July 2020

INCA bootcamp launched – INCA – June 2020


INCA ENETS Symposium will take place on 26 February at the 18th ENETS Virtual Annual Conference for the diagnosis and treatment of Neuroendocrine tumor disease – ENETS – Janvier 2021

French artist, Camille Esayan, raises awareness about Lung NETS – ALLO ALEX – Janvier 2021

EntreTNEs is a podcast channel for people with a Neuroendocrine tumor to share their experiences, challenges, and needs. Initiative of Spanish Association of Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET Espana)– Entre TNEs – Janvier 2021


CORONAVIRUS information page  – AMEND (EN)


Information on the coronavirus  – Universitätsspital Basel (DE, EN , FR)

Coronavirus: People at especially high risk – Federal Office of Public Health FOPH (EN, FR, DE, IT)

Coronavirus and cancer – Cancer Research UK (EN)


MENETS released its NET Nutrition Ebook in Arabic and Hebrew  – MENETS – Décembre 2020

Pheo Para announces launch of Center of Excellence program – Pheo Para – Décembre 2020

Christine Rodien Louw, présidente de l’Association APTED revient sur les tumeurs Neuroendocrine – PATIENTS ENSEMBLE – Novembre 2020

NET Cancer Day 2020 Talks about early Diagnosis for NETS in 10 languages – NET Cancer Day – Novembre 2020

NETRF podcast on Small Bowel NETS – NETRF NETwise podcast – Novembre 2020

Prise en charge des TNE du rectum – Groupes d’étude des TNE – Novembre 2020

NCUK virtual summit – 7-8 November, 2020 – INCA – November 2020

NET Cancer Day : speak up for an earlier diagnosis – INCA – October 2020

European Cancer Summit 2020, 18 & 19 November 2020, virtual edition – INCA – October 2020

Hoofing it raised $80,000 for Neuroendocrine cancer research in Canada – INCA – September 2020

Get ready for the NET cancer day 2020 – INCA – September 2020

NCUK launches new website – INCA – September 2020

Swedish drug start gives shares to its donor – Victory Net Foundation – INCA – August 2020

CCF Luncheon with the experts – Facebook live event with Catherine Bouvier – INCA – July 2020

NETRF (Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation) reports progress in fight against nets – INCA – July 2020

Discover the lung neuroendocrine booklet by NCUK – INCA – June 2020

SAVE THE DATE – World NET lives conference in September – INCA – June 2020

SAVE THE DATE – ENETS will host a series of conversations with NET experts in webinars on June 11th, 2020  – ENETS – June 2020

First ENETS Centre of Excellence in Spain – INCA – June 2020

UNICORN Foundation New Zealand welcomes new CEO – INCA – June 2020

NET patient will hike the hardest trails in France to raise funds for NET research – INCA – June 2020

AMEND launches SDH Syndromes Films – INCA – May 2020

Unmet needs in IJC – INCA – International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance – May 2020

ENETS Center of Excellence patient survey – INCA – International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance – April 2020

Milestone achievements announced in NET cell line development – NETRF – Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation – March 2020

COVID-19 : Informations pour les patients souffrant de TNE

Information on the coronavirus  – Universitätsspital Basel – April 2020

Information ressources for NET patients – INCA – International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance – April 2020

COVID-19 – Information and Ressources – Neuroendocrine Cancer Australia – 26 March 2020

Coronavirus disease – Outbreak  – Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation – 27 March 2020

Coronavirus – Information page – AMEND – 26 March 2020

Advice on Coronavirus for people with cancer – Net Patient Foundation – March 2020

New coronavirus: People at especially high risk – Federal Office of Public Health FOPH – 20 March 2020

Cancer Research UK – coronavirus and cancer – Cancer and Coronavirus – March 2020


Quality of Life: NETs – Why this master of disguise needs careful handling – Cancer World – Autumn 2019

L’hôpital universitaire d’Uppsala recherche des patients TNE pour son essai clinique. (Word)

Tributes paid to Tethys founder after losing rare cancer battle – Vince Hamilton

The Telegraph – A virus that kills cancer : the cure that’s waiting in the cold – Alexander Masters – August 31st, 2012

The Telegraph – Would I take an untested cancer treatment myself? Hell, yes! – Dominic Nutt – September 14th, 2012

The Telegraph – The cancer killer they won’t pay for – Alexander Masters – October 2nd, 2012

Financial Times – Scientists offer to name cancer drug for £1m – August 31, 2012

the Guardian – Two medical pioneers aim to trial a cancer-killing virus – Alexander Masters – January 4, 2013

Aeon Magazine – An iCure – Alexander Masters – March 27th, 2013

the Uppsala University – Donation enables clinical testing of new cancer treatment – June 15th, 2013

The Telegraph – Welcome back, Nick Robinson – Dominic Nutt – April 20th, 2015

The Telegraph – Can crowdfunding really cure cancer? – Alexander Masters – July 2nd, 2016

Financial Times – Vanity virus cures fund gap for medical research – Andrew Jack – March 11th, 2016

The Telegraph – It’s time to sell tickets for places on life-saving medical trials – Dominic Nutt – April 5th, 2016

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation – Oncolytic virus Clinical Trial for NET Patients begins at UU – April 6th, 2016

SwissNET report (2016)

Journal of Medical Ethics – The Plutocratic Proposal – Alexander Masters and Dominic Nutt – June 6th, 2017

Net Patient Foundation – INCA – Unmet needs in the global NETs patient community – November 7th, 2017

Informations, stages, séances, conseils et soutien (également pour les employeurs, pour les employés, coaching téléphonique ou sur place, formations/ateliers), brochures et matériel (notamment droits et obligations dans les relations de travail)

Ligue genevoise contre le cancer – Espace Médiane : espace de dialogue (également documentations)

Swissnet = Registre suisse des tumeurs neuroendocrines qui réunit les spécialistes de différentes disciplines

Département d’oncologie, Cancer neuroendocrinien.  Probablement le prochain Centre d’Excellence des TNE en Suisse, après l’Hôpital Cantonal de Zürich.

Hôpital Universitaire de Genève – Centre des cancers – Programme des tumeurs de la thyroïde et des tumeurs neuro-endocrines

Portail qui recense les essais cliniques réalisés en Suisse. Pour p. 83


En France :

Association de Patients porteurs de tumeurs endocrines diverses.  Informations et documentations

Site destiné à offrir des informations utiles et interactives aux personnes atteintes de TNE ainsi qu’à leur entourage.  Edité par Ipsen, contenu validé.


Au Canada :

Société des tumeurs carcinoïdes-neuroendocrines du Canada


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ENETS – Centers of Excellence

ENETS – NET Nurses group

International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance: INCA