Help patients

We aim to improve patient support through numerous and varied initiatives. We have translated the excellent guide published in English by NPF, ‘The NET Handbook’, into German and French and made it available in digital form.

This website is a VictoryNet initiative and is a platform for patients and medical and nursing staff to exchange ideas and provide help and support.

We also recommend the centres of excellence in Switzerland and maintain a consultable database so that NET patients may contact them.

In addition, we organised a ‘NET Nurses Seminar’ in Bern during which we identified nurses interested to specialise in neuroendocrine cancers. With the help of SwissNET, a dozen or so medical professionals have already benefited from this programme and at this occasion we made precious contacts.

We now sponsor the excellent initiative set up by Catherine Bouvier and NPF (Net Patients Foundation in UK) for specialised Nurses education (handbook and online platform) which will be accessible to all European nurses. This project aims to address identified unmet informational needs of nurses to ensure that they bridge the gap in patient needs.