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VictoryNet is fully involved in research to discover new drugs and treatments for all forms of neuroendocrine cancer, essentially by funding clinical trials.

Magnus Essand
Magnus Essand, the man behind AdVince, is a professor of gene therapy at Uppsala University in Sweden. He leads a team that develops genetically modified viruses designed to fight cancer cells. Called immunotherapy, this is an area of cancer research that is showing very promising results and increasingly gaining ground.

Broadly, the principles of cancer immunotherapy are twofold:

  • Modified anticancer viruses target, invade and destroy only cancer cells
  • They also stimulate the body’s own immune system to attack the cancer cells invaded by the modified virus.

Professor Magnus Essand and Dr. Justyna Leja-Jarblad at Uppsala University have been developing AdVince since 2008. First tested on mice, it proved effective in destroying neuroendocrine tumours. Phase 1 of the clinical trial (liver NET) began in 2016 and is still going on. They are missing patients to complete Phase 1 and then pursue with Phase 2.