Why donate ?

Money is the lifeblood fuelling VictoryNet’s offensive now and in the future. That is why your donation is so important to us.

Around 200 new cases of NET are diagnosed in Switzerland every year.
This might not seem like a lot, compared to the 40,000 new cases of other cancers.

However, at VictoryNet, we look beyond statistics at the number of lives to be saved. Continuing clinical trials keeps the hope of discovering a cure alive and the development of a drug can slow the disease down. Treatment decreases symptoms, improves patients’ quality of life and prolongs their lives.

Jan, Vince, Dido and so many others did not get the opportunity to benefit from the progress already made and that to come. Your donation will help us increase the chances of all NET sufferers and for that we are sincerely grateful.

An easy way to donate is a direct deposit into the account listed in the “How to donate” section.